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How to choose the greenhouse greenhouse film


As a plastic film transparently covered by sunlight greenhouse, the film film directly affects the temperature, humidity and luminosity of the greenhouse. Therefore, how to correctly choose the greenhouse greenhouse film is very important for greenhouse production. The following Shouguang Zhuoyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Let me explain how to choose a solar greenhouse film with excellent performance and reliable quality.

First, the light transmission performance is good. As the gateway to absorb sunlight, the shed film has the first characteristic of light transmission. The light transmission performance directly determines the amount of sunlight in the shed. The more sunlight, the more favorable the growth of crops, but also in certain Increasing the temperature inside the shed plays an important role in improving the quality and quality of the product.

Second, the insulation and moisturizing performance is strong. The shed film plays an important role in providing the crop with the humidity and temperature necessary for normal growth. Therefore, when the shed film is used in the winter and spring season when the temperature is low, there are high requirements for thickness, light transmittance and low temperature resistance, and the thickness is generally 0.10-0.14 mm.

Third, the length of use is long. The service life of the shed film is long and short. Generally, the longer the service life is, the more expensive it is. However, for the shed film, the service life is too long, which will cause the shed film to age, embrittle, and even heat insulation and light transmission. Reduce the problem; if the service life is too short, it will increase the workload due to frequent replacement of the shed film, thus wasting manpower, material resources and financial resources. Therefore, the service life of the shed film should generally reach 18 months, and the shortest time is not less than 10 months.


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