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Farmland irrigation pump water channel construction steps


What are the specific contents of the construction steps of the farmland irrigation canal project?

First, the basic processing. In the process of trench excavation, it is necessary to ensure the maximum carrying capacity of the foundation to the utmost extent. Under such circumstances, before the construction work is officially started, it is necessary to make corresponding corresponding geological survey work. The soil-bearing survey, if the geological bearing capacity of the canal excavation is not strong, then it is necessary to take reinforcement and compaction treatment. In addition, for some severely unqualified soft foundation treatments, it is necessary to excavate the soft ground through the replacement and reinforcement method, and strengthen the geology through high-quality soil backfilling measures, and carry out compaction;

Second, the trench is excavated. The relevant quality exhibited during the trench excavation process has a direct impact on the final construction quality, especially for some projects where the groove bottom needs to use concrete materials, the quality problem is more obvious. In the process of actually performing excavation work, the groove should be divided into two different excavation steps. After the first excavation, the remaining excavation amount of 20 cm should be reserved, and then the L-shaped prefabricated parts are actually carried out. Before the u-shaped prefabricated parts are installed, excavate them to the appropriate position. In addition, during the excavation work, it is forbidden to disturb the soil of the tank. If over-excavation occurs, it is necessary to backfill and compact the original soil. If water seepage occurs during excavation, it is necessary to extract the accumulated water;

Third, the grooves are compact. After the trench has completed the excavation work, it is necessary to perform a perfect compaction work. The virtual soil of 30 cm thickness can be backfilled and compacted by electric tamping equipment.


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