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Brief description of the method of cooling greenhouse greenhouses


The treatment of greenhouses in the summer. In summer, the temperature is high and the temperature will reach a particularly high level for the greenhouse, so the staff has to cool the greenhouse, which is an important task that should be paid attention to every day in the summer.

First, a device can be installed outside the greenhouse to keep excess sunlight out of the greenhouse. The material of the device is required to be strong and not easy to age. The temperature in the shed is maintained by the shade formed after the occlusion, which not only cools down but also does not affect the natural ventilation in the shed.

Secondly, it can also be cooled by the micro-mist system. This form mainly sprays hydrated mist particles into the greenhouse, so that the mist particles absorb the heat in the air to evaporate, and finally the humid air is discharged from the greenhouse. This method requires mechanical ventilation on one side of the greenhouse to achieve a rapid cooling effect.

Then, the greenhouse can be ventilated to make a white coating on the surface of the greenhouse. The white color can reflect the sunlight and prevent the heat from entering the shed. It can also transform the incoming sunlight. This converted astigmatism to the plants in the greenhouse. Growth is extremely beneficial.


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