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Greenhouses allow us to eat the fruits and vegetables we eat every season.


With the rapid development of society, the days of eating by the sky have passed. It used to be very bitter in the past. If the weather is wrong, it may be busy in front of it. Agricultural technology is constantly developing and that era has passed. The greenhouse, at first, is a shelf with a plastic film. For this reason, although it is better than no greenhouse, it does not have much efficiency, but after continuous improvement and innovation, the greenhouse has become the mainstream of agriculture. , large agricultural households, which have no greenhouses.

The top cover material of the greenhouse is subject to wind and sun for a long time, and it is easy to age. This will affect the transparency and insulation of the greenhouse. Therefore, the top cover material should be maintained once every two or three months. the same alsp. There are also shade nets in greenhouses. This equipment is used at a very high frequency except for the rest of the winter, so it should be maintained frequently.

Because the main skeleton is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it is easy to rust. Then, if you use the silk for a long time, it will loosen, and the welded joint may break. Therefore, we should regularly apply the anti-rust period and tighten the loose silk. Then re-weld the break point, as well as the maintenance of the cooling system and the heating system. Good maintenance can be used in normal use without any sudden situation.


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