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What are the full body of the economical shed?


What are the existing bodies of advanced and economical buildings? Here are the professionals from Jiangsu Nongxing Company to introduce to you, I hope that our introduction can help you better.

Compared with the original independent greenhouse, the multi-span greenhouse is an upgraded product. Of course, it is an improvement under the premise of scientific and reasonable, so there are many advantages in the multi-span greenhouse, and the form of such a greenhouse is more Helps achieve effective unified management. Compared with traditional greenhouses, greenhouse greenhouses in multi-span greenhouses are much larger than traditional greenhouses, which not only makes management more uniform, but also makes operations more scientific, saves time, and achieves significant improvements in work efficiency.

In the process of using a multi-span greenhouse, it is also necessary to ventilate it, but it must be carried out under high temperature conditions, otherwise it will cause a drop in the temperature of the greenhouse. If the temperature drops too fast during ventilation, close the vents in time to prevent the danger of sudden drop in temperature. There are still many types of multi-span greenhouses on the market, mainly based on different uses. The more common ones are greenhouses, greenhouses, greenhouses, etc., which can be selected according to needs. No matter which one, as an economical multi-story greenhouse, it is popular among users because of its beautiful arc shape and low cost.

Due to this series of advantages, multi-span greenhouses are suitable for most parts of China, but double-film greenhouses are used in the north and single-film greenhouses are used in the south. After the film is inflated, a thick airbag can be formed, which can effectively prevent heat loss and prevent the intrusion of cold air, and ensure the normal growth of the crop.


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