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How to increase the yield of greenhouse vegetable cultivation


With the increasing number of people building greenhouses, in addition to the cost of greenhouse greenhouses, people also care about how to increase the output of greenhouse vegetable cultivation to increase income. In general, greenhouse vegetable greenhouse vegetable yields are higher: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and celery. So how do you further increase the yield of these vegetable crops? The following is a detailed description of the greenhouse greenhouses:

Improve greenhouse lighting rate and promote vegetable production

The light conditions in the greenhouse directly affect the growth, yield and quality of vegetables. Especially in the rainy, snowy and snowy weather, the light is weak. Insufficient illumination of greenhouse vegetables is a common problem. Insufficient illumination, not only can not carry out more vigorous photosynthesis, transpiration is reduced, plant growth is weak, affecting the yield and quality of vegetables. Therefore, it is necessary to take some effective measures to improve the lighting conditions in the greenhouse, which is necessary for the production of greenhouse vegetables.

Reasonable layout

When planting different kinds of vegetables in greenhouses, the principle of “northern high and low south” should be followed to make the plants tall and orderly, and to minimize mutual occlusion. The same kind of vegetables are transplanted, and the seedlings are made to have the same size, so that the plants grow neatly and the shading between the plants is reduced. At the same time, it is better to do the planting in the north and south, so as to accept the sun as much as possible.

Keep the shed film clean

Water droplets, dust and other debris on the shed film will reduce the light transmittance by about 30%. After 2 days, 10 days, and 15 days of use, the light in the shed will be reduced by 14%, 25%, and 28%. Therefore, it is necessary to clean frequently, wash the dust, dirt and water droplets on the shed surface, and keep the membrane surface clean to increase the transparency of the shed film.

Multi-span greenhouse project

Reasonably uncovering straw curtain

 Under the premise of doing the insulation work, the straw curtain and the delay curtain for heat preservation can be removed early, which can prolong the illumination time and increase the amount of light. Generally, the sun is released 0.5 to 1 hour after the sun comes out, and the curtain is covered half an hour before the sun sets. Especially in the rainy days when the rain stops, it is necessary to properly uncover the curtains to make full use of the scattered light of the sun.

The use of a non-drip film adds several active agents to the formulated formulation, so that the affinity between the water molecules and the film is greatly reduced, and the water droplets flow into the ground along the film surface without water droplets. The use of a drop-free film shed can increase the light intensity in the shed and increase the temperature of the shed.

Setting up the reflective screen

Using a 2m wide and 3m long aluminized film reflective curtain, hung on the north side of the shed to make it vertical, which can increase the ground by 40% and the shed temperature by 3°C-4°C. In addition, laying a silver-gray mulch on the ground can also increase the light intensity between plants.

Do a good job of plant finishing

Timely management of pruning, snoring, tying vines, and old leaves is conducive to ventilation and light transmission conditions in the shed.

Sunlight is a necessary condition for photosynthesis of green plants. In the seasons with low light hours and low intensity, collecting sunlight in greenhouses plays an important role in improving vegetable yield and quality. Binhai County Zhongtian Greenhouse Co., Ltd. is a professional solar greenhouse engineering manufacturer. Welcome to consult and learn more.


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